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Open Source Jobs Now Easier To Create

Giving users instant access to job information in Dallas, TX

We have just finished a redesign of the home page at

To create a job and hire Dallas contractors just enter your project info on the home page.

If you already have an account just fill in the details and your project will be seen by our growing list of contractors.

Open source jobs are instantly published to the home page and up to 50 contractors are notified instantly to bid on your project.


New at OSM… Upload Video and location

We are releasing some of the networks back into the wild after a few updates to the features.

Some of the notable front end updates:
1. You can now upload video to your job!
2. You can enter a specific location such as “downtown” to your job listings, and service providers can adjust their bids based on the convenience/proximity of the project.

Job Location and Video

Job Location and Video


Comments are now on project pages…

For Job Creators – The importance of project clarification can not be understated and adding comments to your post is essential.

As a job creator you will get the best workers and your job will be completed properly if you take the time to add comments. Comments often make their way into a revision of the project scope – so highlighting the discussion on the project page is ideal.


You now have Unlimited Portfolio Images… Service providers can now feature all of their work related files with no storage limits.

Just a reminder that Open Source Markets remains in Beta testing, and we appreciate your feedback.