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Creating Local Jobs Without The Yellow Pages

Creating jobs is step one…
Step two is allowing equal access to that job information.

I guess there has always been a barrier to entry into most marketplaces. For example you must have the capital to purchase a Yellow Pages advertisement, or a radio spot in order to get job information from consumers looking for your services.

The development of the internet changed things over the past few years. Every contractor I speak to notes that their advertising in the Yellow Pages was money lost last year… But changes in media are just the beginning, the full cycle of change will be happening this year as consumers no longer search for service providers… rather they simply upload their job information to the internet and all contractors and service providers interested can view the data and bid on the job.

True in the past there was a clear need for the Yellow Pages and advertisements. Now the middle man and layer of advertisements between buyers and service providers is vanishing. Today the market has made that clear, and the business that embrace the change quickly and begin to engage their potential new clients on the internet will stand to see the greatest benefits.

This year will mark the official launch of a new contractors marketplace in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.Triangle For Hire - Raleigh Durham NC

To your continued success in 2010!


Features and Mobile Access to Green Jobs

Open Source Markets is striving to add the features and functionality you need to succeed as a service provider.

Most of the features you need to submit estimates and review green job leads is available through the iPhone browser and mobile internet enabled phones.

If you are a contractor receiving free job leads through email, you can instantly take the link from the email to the project page, review the requirements and submit your bid!

Get more positive reviews

New service providers are encouraged to participate in “work days” where they can build positive reviews by helping restore community facilities.

If you are new to the marketplace and need to establish a history of quality work and service get involved in one of these projects!

An example of a community project is contributing to a Habitat For Humanity Build, or community center improvement project.

If your 501c3 organization would like to host a work day please contact us to get on the schedule.