White Paper

Using the information economy to alter global economic culture.

information + fashion = economic culture

If you find it difficult to imagine sweeping change to the global economy, a new class of open source markets may be the solution you have overlooked.

The goal of Open Source Markets is to change the way the world buys and sells services by enabling micro economies to become both highly agile and easily influenced, allowing them to more effectively leverage their existing commerce to achieve independence from and responsibility to the global community.

What are open source markets?

Entering the developing world we serve as consultants rather than providers.

Taking economic based information from local marketplaces and creating fashion around the data… resulting in a new economic culture.

What is the new economic culture?

Because the message of thoughtful input is carried by an open source third party, the new information is not met with a zero sum reaction of conquest or destruction.

Simply the best economic situation for all parties is implied by the open source model.

Including the welfare of the global community – taken into consideration right down to the micro-economic transaction.

So entering the developing world we do not enter as providers… we are consultants. Local experts in sustainable building, natural sciences, local best practices and triple bottom line developments.

Consultants at Open Source Markets bring a local perspective to transactions and the open source community is invited to participate on the development of projects… ahhhhhh…. lets take a moment to enjoy a world of borderless exchange online. : )

Open Source Markets provides the information and services to open source the decision about whats critical or economically relevant to the global community.

Today many forward-thinking economists are shifting their focus from “what” they deliver to “how” they deliver it.

This change is the driver for increasing Open Source Awareness.. However, this shift requires that both Job Creators and Workers agree to receive the input of a 3rd party. Similar to the development of open source software like PHP and firefox.

Just as open source software growth outpaces the demands of most business needs, Open Source Markets outpace the needs of the business more nimbly, allowing the entire organization to deliver more, without a loss of the current resources at its disposal.

The goal of Open Source Markets is to change the way the world buys and sells services. By helping many common micro transactions overcome the formidable challenge presented by the zero sum economic model and accurately cataloging the results.

By moving location based economies forward with a sustainable mission that is both locally derived and globally conscience, Open Source Markets is creating a network of hyper local marketplaces and influencing the economic culture.

Please consider becoming a contributor to open source markets it is free to join! Contact us for details.

Open Source Economy Graphic

Open Source Economy Graphic

OSM is in beta testing in the Dallas, Texas and Raleigh, NC markets.

To create a beta testing account visit. DFWforhire.com
Or Contact Us to join the network of consultants and work from home.

TriangleForHire.com is adding new features and will open very soon.

Dallas and Fort Worth

Dallas and Fort Worth

Our Mission is to change the way the world buys and sells services.

Open Source Markets is a free open source community.

Here you can participate in developing marketplaces and green jobs in your community.

There is no limit to what you can gain and contribute!

We are just getting started, but are excited to add new members and expand our mutual understanding of what Open Source Markets can do for local economies and the green jobs movement.

This project was created to encourage Triple Bottom Line Developments in your community!

Open Source Consultants

Open Source Consultants


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