The Public Launch of is Changing The Way Dallas Buys and Sells Services

Web startup is crowdsourcing transactions for Dallas, TX contractors and property owners.

Dallas, Texas – Oct 26 2009 – Today Open Source Markets, Inc. announces the broad availability of, the first of 50 websites designed to stimulate community commerce in US cities nationwide. Dallas natives Matthew Rogers and Brian Radford, founders of Open Source Markets, Inc. wanted the Dallas community, their back yard, to lead the charge. allows the Dallas community to post service jobs, such as home improvement or repair, and receive unlimited bids from contractors in an open source environment. The community-driven portal fosters broad-based competition through equal access and ultimately drives lower prices as new members join.

Commonly referred to as crowdsourcing, the website provides Dallas residents access to a larger crowd of contractors to solve their problems in the most cost-effective manner.

“Crowdsourcing is the new way people evaluate, buy and sell products and services on the web today,” stated Matthew Rogers. “Gone are the days where you choose one of the few contractors that advertise in the yellow pages. Instead, we allow input from multiple parties (the crowd) to help determine the cost, procedures, and best practices for completing a job in a sustainable way. People drive better commerce and competition in an open source environment.

There are no barriers to participating in the marketplace. Dallas contractors pay nothing to access job information, and homeowners pay nothing to use the system. The website launch means that now both parties in the transaction are on equal footing in the labor procurement process from both an awareness and opportunity standpoint. The content on the website is essentially driven by the community similar to, but is perhaps best described as an Ebay for services created just for Dallas contractors and residents.

A quick look at the site shows projects that are open for bid by Dallas contractors. Some of these projects have received over a dozen bids and represent potential savings of thousands of dollars to consumers.

For more information on how Open Source Markets Inc. is changing the way Dallas buys and sells services, visit or contact Matthew Rogers at

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Matthew Rogers


New SEO initative for Open Source Markets.

We will be introducing the OSM model to the Dallas Interactive Marketing and SEO Meetup on Tuesday Oct, 13th.
Dallas SEO Event
Details on the meeting, and information on the featured speaker Bill Hartzer can be found at the page.

Open Source Markets, Inc will have 5 minutes to demo the marketplace and solicit feedback from the network of Dallas interactive marketing and SEO companies.

You are invited to stay after the meeting for a roundtable discussion with the founders of Open Source Markets. We will be discussing the open source approach to new business development. Please considering joining us… You can register for the event here.

Dallas Job Website gets redesigned. has been redesigned!

The new website design brings simplicity to the user experience.

New at OSM… Upload Video and location

We are releasing some of the networks back into the wild after a few updates to the features.

Some of the notable front end updates:
1. You can now upload video to your job!
2. You can enter a specific location such as “downtown” to your job listings, and service providers can adjust their bids based on the convenience/proximity of the project.

Job Location and Video

Job Location and Video


Comments are now on project pages…

For Job Creators – The importance of project clarification can not be understated and adding comments to your post is essential.

As a job creator you will get the best workers and your job will be completed properly if you take the time to add comments. Comments often make their way into a revision of the project scope – so highlighting the discussion on the project page is ideal.


You now have Unlimited Portfolio Images… Service providers can now feature all of their work related files with no storage limits.

Just a reminder that Open Source Markets remains in Beta testing, and we appreciate your feedback.

Jobs Sites offline… for improvement

We should have things back online soon. Thanks for your patience while we are making necessary updates.

Open Source Markets

Green jobs network back online and powered by renewable energy!

The green jobs network was hosted with a company that did not align with our triple bottom line mission, so we upgraded to Dream Host.

Dream Host uses renewable energy sources to power the servers that generate our webpages. So adding the “hosted green” tag to the website should happen soon.
Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.

So, after some very real downtime we are back online!!
Apologies for the drop in service… now we are sustainable, and here to stay.

Features and Mobile Access to Green Jobs

Open Source Markets is striving to add the features and functionality you need to succeed as a service provider.

Most of the features you need to submit estimates and review green job leads is available through the iPhone browser and mobile internet enabled phones.

If you are a contractor receiving free job leads through email, you can instantly take the link from the email to the project page, review the requirements and submit your bid!