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Brides and Wedding Vendors Get an Open Source Market

We just attended UNVEILED in Dallas, Tx where we were exposed to brides and wedding vendors that are creating the most beautiful and entertaining wedding events this year.

The trade show corresponded with the launch of BidChapel.com a unique wedding website with the goal of creating open access to brides and vendors in the industry.

Have a look at the new site…

Of course this early release has some bugs, but we have already begun adding professional wedding photographers, venues, and other wedding related specialities to the system.

How does BidChapel.com work?

Buyers (brides, grooms and wedding planners) and sellers (bridal vendors) go to BidChapel.com and sign up completely free of charge.
Buyers post a description of their wedding job, organized by category, then set any budgetary and timeline constraints for the seller.
Sellers, divided by category, set up profile pages and upload any desired portfolio images and video components that illustrate their company’s services. They are notified of the buyers’ posted jobs and then are able to post competitive bids.
Buyers review the bids, while having the ability to view the sellers’ profile pages and interact directly with them through message boards. Upon selection of a vendor, buyers place the funds for the job in a safe escrow account until the job is completed.
Buyers and sellers have the opportunity to rate each other through feedback and performance review posts, motivating both parties to meet and exceed expectations.

Why Brides, Grooms and Wedding Planners Are Saying “I Do” To BidChapel.com:

Bid Chapel is the fastest and easiest way to find quality vendors in a defined area who want to meet and exceed a bride’s dream wedding expectations in accordance with a specific budget and timeline.

The website is user-friendly and completely free.

The affiliate marketing system is an easy way to earn additional cash!

Why Bridal Vendors Are Saying “I Do” To BidChapel.com:

The site provides instant access to thousands of jobs posted by brides, grooms and wedding planners. There are no limits to how many bids a vendor can place, thereby maximizing reach and revenue potential.

BidChapel.com’s sophisticated and modern profile pages include portfolio and video sections, providing a unique opportunity to create exposure for a vendor’s company—absolutely free!

The affiliate marketing system is an easy way for vendors to earn additional income for their companies.


Open Source Markets, Inc. (OSM, Inc.) is an online platform by which buyers and sellers share and exchange ideas and commerce without barrier. Founded by entrepreneur Matthew Rogers, OSM, Inc. is a visionary enterprise with the power to revolutionize the digital marketplace of products and services, efficiently connecting vendors with customers and stimulating growth in local economies through competitive edge. Open source markets can be used worldwide, in any industry, to facilitate conversation, competition and commerce.